Building a FIRST LEGO League Table

The following discussion is quoted from the Facebook Group FLL: Share & Learn.

What are different tables you can build?

Photo Credit: Lance Salyers

Response by David Kroll

On the topic of tables: We’re based in an elementary school and have to set up and tear down everything every meeting (which was better than the two years we were under construction and it had to also be stored off site…how I did that and chemotherapy is still a wonder to me); I’m sharing the link for the Landroids FLL table that can be broken down and fit inside a minivan. You need some woodworking skill, and since we set up frequently, a convenient excuse to buy a gyroscopically balanced cordless screwdriver (and my kids compete to setup and takedown the table….yes, we’re teaching shop safety). The important bit is that the table breaks down into thirds and the outside rail is bolted to the table. If you think you want to do this, contact me directly and I’ll include all my modifications that I had to make along the way.

I use a panel dolly to move the panels around the building…after the first season of loading them on an AV cart and being extremely thankful that the doors in the building are 32 inches wide.

Response by Rod Collins

Awesome ideas. I was designing for low weight. I have a sandwich of whiteboard, 1” foam board and 1/8” hardboard for top surface. After gluing and screwing through the sandwich layers into the 2x3s, I can use the tabletop for practice or the whiteboard for lessons. (Our club room is short of whiteboard).

Response by Asha Seshan Here is an option for building just the walls: Portable FLL Field by Kuriosity Robotics .

Here is an option for building a light-weight foam table: Foam Table by the Inventioneers.

Here is an another option for building a table: Table by Hands of Technology.

Here is an option for building a portable table that folds: Tri-fold Table by Lance Salyers.

Response by Shelby Davis

We use this setup as well. After trying to move a pair of 4’ x 4’ split panels around, this is such an improvement. The hollow doors make a great surface, and the ridge isn’t very noticeable if you use a doweling jig for the pegs between boards.

Response by Ben Stanley

My table happens to balance vertically on a custom-made dolly. It is the cross bracing that helps it to balance. The cross bracing also fits neatly outside the inner blocks, locking the table on to the dolly.